One of two channels of a video installation from Paranormica 2015:

An example of UAV videography.  
ArtDrone visits the Tallahassee Hate Ride:  Night flying with some local MTB friends.

Filmed at Alford Arm Greenway on Wednesday, November 22, 2013. Music by Stoner Train (cc) Hate Ride meets every Wednesday at 5:45. Bring your light, and work out your hate! ArtDrone is a product of the FSU Department of Art

Another ArtDrone example:  ArtDrone visits Art Alley !

Filmed on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013 in Tallahassee, Florida Led by Prof. Paul Rutkovsky, Art Alleys is a group of passionate art students who make art in transitional urban spaces. Join them in making art in the Alleys! Music by Wilkinson Filmed by ArtDrone Piloted and Edited by Keith Roberson (with help from Clay and PaulO)

pebble: a retelling of a traditional buddhist parable

A simple concept video sketch relaying the use of a pebble to create a spiritual/sacred object. The parable is an interesting example of centuries old traditional use of behavioral conditioning techniques.

Effects in Wiltshire: An experimental travel-video

An experimental travel-video which attempts to capture the experience of exploring Wiltshire, UK.

Impressions from Taiyuan to Bejing:  An experimental travel film.

Edited footage from my experiences in China.

Chest Cam video documentation of the London World N Bike Ride in 2005.  Over 300 riders made a spectacle journey around London to deliver a proclamation to the US Embassy to recognize and reject the "culture of oil".