Keith Roberson is an Associate Professor of Digital Arts at Florida State University, and is currently the BFA Program Director of FSU’s Studio Arts Program.  He has been creating digital, Interactive and kinetic sculptures for more than 20 years.  His work has been shown in venues like the Jepson Center for the Arts Savannah , Arlington Center for the Arts, Royal Theatre of Manchester UK, Institute of Contemporary Arts London, The Venice Art Center, SIGGRAPH LA and Orlando, and The Venice Biennale and has been presenting his artworks extensively in US, as well as in the UK, Australia, and China.

His Science Education exhibit ,Our Reefs: Caribbean Connections, have been shown in over 25 venues in the Caribbean and the US.
His Science Education interactive educational games, Burning Issues and Silent Invaders, have been distributed to more than 20,000 classrooms.


Magikal Charm Experimental Video Festival [Film Festival].
Anthology Film Archives, New York City, NY


CICA Experimental Film And Video Exhibition [Featured Artist]. Czong Institute for Contemporary Art, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Jepson Center Atrium - Exhibition Opening Night Interactive Commission
[Site-Specific, Large-scale Interactive Video Projections]. Telfair Museums.  

Panoramica Technologica [2-Person Collaborative]. 621 Gallery, Tallahassee, FL

PULSE Technology+Arts Festival, Savannah, Georgia  Multiple Locations:
Jepson Museum

Exhibited "Anomaly in Apalachicola Forest" Oculus Rift VR interactive artwork

This immersive fictional-documentary interactive work is intended to recreate the mysterious experience of night-time forest exploration in the Apalachicola Forest.
Donning a set of Oculus Rift Goggles, and a virtual flashlight, one audience member walks through the windy, night-time forest.  Other audience-members can interact within the scene by puppeteering a creature who follows the action.  This creepy, exhilarating VR artwork was created to mimic the experiences of the artist and his friends who explore this mysterious North Florida forest.

Non-Fiction Gallery

Exhibited "Non-Fiction Post-Apocalyptic" Oculus Rift VR Interactive Artwork

This VR interactive experience places the viewer within a transformed representation of the Non-Fiction Gallery through the use of 3D scanning and digital manipulation of the actual gallery space and its surroundings.  It uses elements from his previous VR artwork “Anomaly in Apalachicola Forest” as a staging area to contain the Non-Fiction Gallery transformed via glitch and digital residue of the 3D scanning process.

Exhibited "Fractal Series #2"  3D Printed Fractal Sculptures

This series was inspired by the complex, organic organisms illustrated by German naturalist, Ernst Haeckel circa 1900.  Fractal Series #3 is an arrangement of 3D printed fractal forms created directly from algorithms using the open-source software, MandelBulb 3D.  The forms are then converted to voxels then polygons, and finally printedin ABS plastic on MakerBot Replicator 2.
Co-curated the group exhibition, Gesture to Exit, at the Non-Fiction Gallery

This group exhibiton included many artworks from FSU Digital artists and friends, including Kevin Curry, Patrick Durgin, Adrian Errico, Phil Gleason, Holly Hanessian, Terri Lindbloom, Mandem, Owen Mundy, and UF Faculty Jack Stenner.

Check out photos of “Gesture to Exit” at:


Faux-Real Exhibition at Non-Fiction Gallery, Savannah, GA, Aug.1-12

Exhibited VR Oculus Rift artwork “Anomaly in Apachicola Forest”
National exhibition juried by Non-Fiction Gallery Board


Invented Worlds Exhibition at Flow Art Space, St Paul, Minnesota, Oct.1-18

Exhibited “Fractal Series #2” 3D printed sculptures
National exhibition curated by Flow Art Space founder Melissa Metzler


Contemporary Art Exhibit at RAPID 2014 Conference, Detroit, MI, June 9-12

Exhibited prototype of “Fractal Series #2” 3D printed sculptures
National exhibition juried by RAPID 2014 Conference Committee


FSU Faculty Show ’14, MoFA, Jan.9-Feb.1

Exhibited Prototype of VR Oculus Rift artwork “Anomaly in Apachicola Forest”
Local exhibition non-juried, by invitation


Stacking Layers – 3D Printing Conference, Turnbull Center, FSU, Feb.25-26

Exhibited early prototype 3D printed fractal sculptures
Artist presented demonstrations of fractal modeling , and 3D printing techniques
Regional/National Conference


Los Alamos ScienceFest Science & Math-based Art Contest, Los Alamos, NM, July 31-Sept.13

Exhibited “Fractal Series #2” documentation
On-Line International Contest and Exhibition


Prior to 2014:

A selection of Exhibitions, Performances, and Research:

Travelling Educational Exhibit: Our Reefs: Caribbean Connections  
This project was Roberson’s primary research topic for several years:

Visit  for more info.

The project was a collaboration between Roberson (as Designer and fabricator) and co-PIs Janie Wulff (FSU marine biology) and Judy Lang (educator and project liaison)


The large-scale exhibit toured many venues over its lifespan, including:
Nova Southeastern University  Grand Opening of Coral Reef Research Center, FL - Sept.27, 2012
Anne Kolb Nature Center, Miami, Florida  -January - February- 2012
Sawgrass Springs Middle School Coral Springs, Florida  -March-April- 2012
Small Island Sustainability programme, Bahamas: College of the Bahamas, -2011
Matthew Town Mall, Matthew Town, Great Inagua, Bahamas: BREEF -2011
Centrall Post Office, Nassau, Nassau, Bahamas: BREEF  -2011
Rand Memorial Nature Center, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas: BREEF  -2011
Grand Bahama International Airport, Freeport, Bahamas: BREEF -2011
Green Cay Nature Center, Boynton Beach, FL: Palm Beach County -2011
Island Village Plaza, Ocho Rios, Jamaica  Sponsored by Sandals Foundation-2010
Folkestone Marine Reserve, Barbados Sponsored by Tropical Shipping Inc. -2010
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Key West, FL   -2009

Bahamas: -2009

                  Marathon Mall, New Providence, Nassau

                  Royal Bank of Canada, Marsh Harbor, Abaco

                  Nassau International Airport, Nassau, New Providence

                  Haynes Public Library, Governor's Harbor, Eleuthera

                  South Eleuthera Mission, Rock Sound, Eleuthera

Tobago:     -2009

                  Gulf City Lowlands Mall, Independence Village, Tobago

                  Signal Hill Composite School

                  Goodwood Methodist High School

                  Bishops High School

Belize:       -2009

                  The Senter, Independence Village, Belize

                  Father Ring Parish Hall, Punta Gorda

                  University of Belize, Belmopan

                  Mexican Embassy, Belize City

Selected CV elements related to interactive and performance artworks:


Exhibition Curated; Bike-Power, 621 Gallery, Tallahassee, FL - March 1-30, 2007-

A national juried show focusing on bicycle culture and sustainable thinking.
Exhibiting the artwork of more than 50 artists from the US and Canada.


Panelist: Design Foundations; F.A.T.E. Conference -  March 27, 2007

Milwaukee , WI


Artist's Works Lecture; FSU London Campus -  June 13, 2005

London , UK     FSU London Campus


Group Exhibiton: VIBE SUMMER05:: August - October,  2005

Multiple Locations in  Chicago-US, Liverpool-UK, Manchester-UK


Artwork Screening:College Art Association, New Media Caucus - February 19, 2005

Screening of experimental short-film, "From Tiayuan to Beijing". ArtSPACE Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia


Artist's Works Lecture; Tiayuan Normal School University - May 2004

Tiayuan City, China


Artist's Interactive Artworks Lecture;

University of Tiayuan, Light Textiles and Industral Design -May 2004

Tiayuan City, China


Exhibition Curated; design X: critical reflections. Co-curators Gail Rubini and Keith Roberson, Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts, 2002


CO3 Project Series UK Tour- May, 2002

Collaborative Virtual Reality Performance with Company in Space


Performance Venues:

Digitalsummer Virtual Worlds Conference, Royal Theatre, Manchester, UK

Arnolfini’s Live Arts Centre, Bristol, UK

Out of Place Festival, Future Physical Seminar, Bury St Edmunds, UK

Virtual Incarnations Exchange, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK


N-Space Gallery SIGGRAPH '01

juror: Dena Eber -August 12-17 2001-  SIGGRAPH International Conference Los Angeles, California


Group Exhibition; Artwired International

juror: MANUAL group(Suzanne Bloom, Ed Hill) -March 2000-


Digital Age Art  -February 2000- 

Presented by The Digital Fine Artists Association            First Place Award

O'Kane Gallery, Univ. of Houston-Downtown, Houston, Texas.


Artist's Digital Artworks Lecture

Department of Art, Design, and Communication, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia -August 2000-


Venice Biennale

Inner Networks performance/installation  -October 23, 1999-

Collaboration with artist, Regina Frank  Italian Pavilion in the Spazio Oreste, Venice, Italy


TouchWare SIGGRAPH '98

juror: Joan Truckenbroad -July 1998-

TouchWare Gallery, SIGGRAPH Conference Center, Orlando, Florida