Bike Church Revival  - Group Cycling Performance:
Two hour live performance with video projections simulating a ride in the local Oclocknee State Forest.

CO3 - Virtual Opera - A collaboration with the Australian dance company: Company in Space.  This 25 minute "VR Opera" was performed in several venues in Melbourne, Australia, and around the U.K. as part of the Digital Summer festival.   The main performer, Helen Sky is wearing a custom data-tracking suit to perform the lead role at the performance venue, while I perform the "foil" via a 3D mouse in a remote location.

VR Keith 2.0  - Remote controlled TV with interactive video performances
from an exhibition at SIGGRAPH, LA Convention Center, 2001

Monk@Sea is an interactive artwork which is inspired by Caspar David Friedrichs' painting entitled "The Monk by the Sea" completed in the beginning of the 19th century.  The project merges this timeframe as the beginning of the industrial revolution, with the beginnings of digital data transmisson (World War II military cyphering communication) as part of a question about the development of computer technologie and global exchange of information.
This piece is availiable on CD-ROM. On the computer-screen or projected on the gallery wall, the monk stands by the sea and as participants attempt to communicate via keyboard, their encoded messages increasingly entangle the monk.  Collaboration with artist, Regina Frank  Shown at the Italian Pavilion in the Spazio Oreste, Venice, Italy